Unique, Traditional and Weird Dolls From Around the World
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Unique, Traditional and Weird Dolls From Around the World

Here are some of the most awesome and oddest-looking dolls from around the world.

Dolls have been known to exist since Ancient period. A doll is an object that bears a close resemblance to a human being. Dolls have been around since the dawn of human civilization, and have been fashioned from different materials such as stone, clay, wood, bone, cloth and paper, porcelain, china, rubber and plastic.

Here are some of the most awesome and oddest-looking dolls from around the world.

1.) Hopi Kachina Doll

Image Source

Hopi Kachina Dolls are dolls of the Hopi Indian Tribe. These dolls are made of cottonwood. These dolls are objects meant to be treasured and studied, and are not to be considered idols of worship or children’s toys. They are also sold to tourists for profit. There are four generally accepted forms of the Kachina Doll; Putsqatihu for infants, Putstihu taywa’yla for toddlers, Muringputihu specifically for infant girls and Tithu for Hopi girls aged two and up.

2.) Kokeshi

Image Source

Kokeshi are unique dolls from Japan. These Japanese dolls are handmade from wood. These dolls are unique for having no arms and legs. They are characterized by a simple trunk and an enlarged cylindrical head with a few thin, painted lines to define the face. The body has a floral design painted in red, black, and sometimes yellow, and covered with a layer of wax.

See image HERE

These peculiar-looking dolls have been around for 150 years and were originally made as toys for children of farmers. Kokeshi dolls are available in Japan as souvenir for tourists. The bottom is marked with the signature of the artist.

3.) Akuaba Doll

Image Source

Hey, is that Bart Simpson at the middle?

Akuaba Dolls are odd-looking dolls from Ghana in Africa. These are ritual fertility dolls made of wood. Different tribes in Ghana and neighboring areas have their own distinctive style of Akuaba but the best known Akuaba are those made by Ashanti people. Traditionally, these dolls are carried on the back of women either hoping to conceive a child. The practice still continues some areas. Today, Akuaba dolls are more popularly produced for sale as souvenir than for ritual use. Akuaba dolls have also gained distinction as symbol of good luck.

4.) Worry Dolls

Image Source

Worry Dolls are unique dolls from Guatemala known in Spanish as Muñecas quitapenas. Worry Dolls are believed to remove worries and are also commonly known as Trouble Dolls. These peculiar dolls are very small and colorful dolls which are place under the pillow of a worried person who cannot sleep. According to folklore, the doll is thought to worry in the person's place, thereby permitting the person to sleep peacefully. The worries are believed to be taken away by the doll. These dolls are available to tourists at a very affordable price.

5.) Matryoshka Doll

Image Source

These dolls are among the most unique dolls in the world. A Matryoshka Doll is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other. Matryoshkas are figures made of wood. The usual number of nested figures is at least five, but can be much more, up to several dozen. Traditionally, the outer layer is a woman, the figures inside may be of either gender and the smallest and innermost doll is typically a baby. It is also known as a Russian Nested Doll or Babushka Doll.

6.) Golliwogg

Image Source

Golliwogg is rag doll popular in North America, UK, Europe and Australia in the 1960s. This soft toy originally for young boys was adopted from the character of children's literature created by Florence Kate Upton in the late 19th century. A grotesque figure with very black skin, eyes rimmed in white, clown lips, and frizzy hair, it has been described as the least known of the major anti-black caricatures in the United States. The doll later became popular as the "Golly Doll".

7.) Peg Wooden Doll

Image Source

Peg Wooden Dolls are unique dolls known to be some of the oldest surviving dolls. They were made worldwide. Peg Wooden Dolls traced their origin to the Dutch were they were imported and sold naked. Young girls would then make their clothing from scraps of fabric. Sometimes a Peg Wooden Doll's arms or legs are locked together by the jointing system, so if one arm is moved the other will move.

8.) Daruma Doll

Image Source

Daruma Dolls, also known as a Dharma Doll, are hollow, round, Japanese dolls modeled after the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism – Bodhidharma. These unique dolls are typically red and depict Dharma, a bearded man. They also come in different colors and design depending on region and artist. This traditional toy for young Japanese is rich in symbolism and is regarded more as a talisman of good luck to the Japanese. These are also regarded as symbol of perseverance and good luck, thus making these dolls popular gift of encouragement.

9.) Reborn Doll

Image Source

Reborn Dolls are unique play dolls made from vinyl. These realistic dolls look like real human babies. They are also called Living Dolls or Unliving Dolls. The creation of Reborn Dolls started as a hobby 20 years ago when doll enthusiasts wanted more realistic dolls. These dolls are primarily purchased on the internet but are available at fairs. Reborn Dolls look so real and often mistaken for real babies. There have been reports of police officers breaking into cars to "rescue" them, mistaking them for actual infants.

10.) Chucky Doll

Image Source

Reborn Dolls are realistic and cute dolls but this doll on the above photo is truly a scary one. And who doesn’t know this kid? This popular film character had been made into several and uniquely designed dolls. His complete name is Charles Lee Ray, more popularly known by its nickname “Chucky”. He is also known as “The Lakeshore Strangler”, the main antagonist in Child’s Play 1, 2 &3, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. He can be cute also in some designs.

Image Source

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Comments (6)

Some of these are so scary. I have a Matryoshka doll, had it for years and it still intrigues me.

I'm going to have nightmares, now.

Did I see the doll of "mangkukulam? Great write kabayan!

great pics friend

Reborn doll

wow these dolls are amazing, specially the reborn doll, it looks very realistic and very cute.

David at Front Porch Babies

hmm, some of these dolls are scary and some are tiny and cute. But the doll that I like the most the reborn doll,, its so cute and adorable.