A Look at Tantra Mantra and Yantra
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A Look at Tantra Mantra and Yantra

Although sounding alike, Tantra Mantra Yantra are very much separate important of factors in meditation. We take a look at the philosophy of Tantra, one of the three ancient Indian Science's of Life, the three are Ayurveda, dealing with the physical body; Yoga, the spirit; and Tantra, the mind.

Tantra in Hinduism and Buddhism originated many hundreds of years ago and has since influenced many religions including Hindu, Sikh, Bön, and Jain, and through Buddhism it slowly spread throughout Southeast and East Asia.

The Philosophy of Tantra is to find and channel that energy that makes up the universe, this same energy is within the human body in all of us, if we can by means of learning and meditation then we will be more able to achieve creativity and freedom by redirecting it back into the body.

To quote Lama Thubten Yeshe: the great Tibetan Buddhist Tantric master

...”each one of us is a union of all universal energy. Everything that we need in order to be complete is within us right at this very moment. It is simply a matter of being able to recognize it. This is the tantric approach”.

Tantra is not a single logical scheme, its an assemblage of activities and persuasions including knowledge, philosophy and a means by which a human is anticipated to follow the path of his life, these three things are known as

  • Tantra... the chant, or "knowledge
  • Mantra... philosophy, or ritual actions
  • Yantra... the means by which a human is expected to lead his life

Body, Mind and spirit, however its not that straightforward, I mentioned that Tantra was not a single coherent system, it also involves the Vedic knowledge, this means basically the understanding of the “Vedas”, a large assemblage of writings originating in ancient India.

Robert Svoboda wrote:

Because every embodied individual is composed of a body, a mind and a spirit, the ancient Rishis of India who developed the Science of Life organized their wisdom into three bodies of knowledge: Ayurveda, which deals mainly with the physical body; Yoga, which deals mainly with spirit; and Tantra, which is mainly concerned with the mind. The philosophy of all three is identical; their manifestations differ because of their differing emphases. Ayurveda is most concerned with the physical basis of life, concentrating on its harmony of mind and spirit. Yoga controls body and mind to enable them to harmonize with spirit, and Tantra seeks to use the mind to balance the demands of body and spirit”

As I say its an accumulation of practices and ideas, everyone of us is union of all the energy of the universe we have inside of us all we need to be complete recognizing this and channelling its energy is Tantra.

So! you might ask, where does the sex come in? Tantra sex is channelling all the energy given out via an orgasm during sex, back into the body thereby making the whole experience greater and indeed prolonging the act which I think most couples are seeking,accelerating powerful sexual energy and intimacy with your partner

It is possible to have Tantra sex without penetration, to do this both partners need to be facing each other, the female would sit aside her partner, both of them have their eyes closed, now concentrating on the power inside each of them they slowly build up and channel the sexual energy, by having intimate connection with another without the actual act can improve health

our stress hormones will lower and our serotonin (The happiness hormone) shoots right through the roof.”

Wendy Strgar, Care2 columnist and CEO of Good, Clean Love,says

“the principles behind tantric practice can go a long way in deepening the connection you share with your partner.”

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Comments (8)

Very interesting article, and I learned a lot!

One of my favorite mystical topics.

An interesting topic; well presented.

The Tantra Teacher, Tanja Diamond

Some of the critical information here is incorrect.

Tantra is the practice

mantra is the chant and sound

yantra is the symbol and visualization.

thats the problem with articles. Everyone has an opinion and they are not always right. I enjoyed the article other than that.

Tanja Diamond

As you say Tanja, Everyone has an opinion

good info, voted.

This is new experiences for me and it is great for me also! Thanks a lot for share this kind of information. I think those symbols are very energetic. Last day I was looked a page as like this information. If you want to know more about information. Please follow the link.

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