Primary Ways God Speaks: Are You Listening?
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Primary Ways God Speaks: Are You Listening?

God has many ways to speak to many men -- even today. Learn how to know God's voice as you search for direction and guidance in today's unpredictable and violent world.

Many religious and non-religious people are surprised to find that throughout history God has spoken to man. However, even more surprising is when they discover the many ways God speaks on a continuous basis to modern man. The problem is: is mankind listening?

Due to obvious religious differences, and because our primary source in western society of God speaking is the Judeo-Christian Bible, or the Word of God, as it is sometimes known, this series of articles on the primary ways God speaks will use the Judeo-Christian Bible as a reference source.

Among the many ways God speaks to man are: through visions, dreams, the inner voice, conscience or the spirit, as some would say, angelic messages, circumstances, indicator signs, and peace in one’s heart.  Knowing how frail in spiritual things man is, He also primarily speaks through His written Word and through the ministry of His Holy Spirit which dwells within all those who believe in Him -- in spirit and in Truth.  Please consider the following:

One does not necessarily have to be a born-Again believer in Christ to hear the voice of God.  Seminarians will love this.  A man by the name of Abram who evidently lived in the area known as Ur of the Chaldees -- modern day Iraq, bears witness to this fact through ancient history. (1)

According to both the Hebrew Bible and the Islamic Qur’an, Abram, later named Abraham, was the forefather of not only Isaac and Ishmael, but of tribes such as the Midianites and Edomites. Yet, being neither a Hebrew nor an Arab, God spoke to him so many times through the years that there can be no doubt as to the many ways ways God speaks.                                                                                             Mesopotamian ziggurat in ancient Ur.

A famous pagan monarch who heard the voice of God, though not audibly, was King Belshazzar. God had one message to give this drunken and murderous despot. Sending His most respected prophet, Daniel, before the king at a banquet one night, He brought forth a very unsettling and graphically clear message.

Looking on the wall, King Belshazzar gazed horrified as a handwriting appeared -- ”You have been weighed on a scale and you are found lacking”. In other words, “You’ve messed up and your jig is up.” According to Biblical history, that very night King Darius of the Medes became the ruling monarch after first slaying Belshazzar. (2)

Therefore, be assured you do not have to necessarily be a Sunday School teacher in order for God to speak to you. However, the reader may ask, “why would God have to speak to mankind?”

Perhaps, He has things to tell the human race -- His secrets.  Perhaps, He already has been speaking in one of the many ways God speaks and you have not connected the dots, so to speak. Perhaps you have or are in the process of making a connection. Are you listening?  In today's super highly technological but violent world, mankind may have to learn to "connect the dots" to a supernatural God in order to escape what is soon coming.  He is no longer whispering.  He has now begun to shout so all can hear -- clearly and graphically. 




(2) The Book of Daniel, Chapter 5, verse 31.

Written by Beverly Anne Sanchez, Dec. 22, 2011

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Comments (4)

Amen my sister in Christ. Better by far is your work on revealing the things of excuse now that you have shown us that God still speaks and more than a whisper. Sterling work Beverly.

PS, voted it UP! :-)

Very thoughtful message mi hermana, Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Well done, Beverly!