Interesting Things About Mother Earth
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Interesting Things About Mother Earth

She had many other children of unknown fathers, both mortal and immortals. Here are some of the most interesting things about Mother Earth or Gaia.

Gaia or Mother Earth was the great mother of all. She was the mother of the Titans and heavenly gods. The Giants were also her children by the hell-pit god Tartarus. She had many other children of unknown fathers, both mortal and immortals.

Here are some of the most interesting things about Mother Earth or Gaia.

1.) Gaia is from Ancient Greek which means “earth” or “land”.

2.) Her name is also spelled Gæa, Gaea, or Gea.

3.) The earliest known reference about Gaia is the Mycenaean Greek Linear B ma-ka, "Mother Gaia”.

4.) She was the primordial Earth-goddess in ancient Greek religion.

5.) In Roman mythology, she is known as Terra or Tellus, a goddess personifying the Earth.

6.) The names Terra Mater and Tellus Mater both mean "Mother Earth" in Latin. Mater is an honorific title also bestowed on other goddesses.

7.) In 1798, Martin Heinrich named the chemical element Tellurium after Tellus.

8.) Ancient Romans appealed to Terra over earthquake.

9.) Terra and Ceres, the grain goddess, were responsible for the productivity of farmland.

10.) Mother Earth was also associated with marriage, motherhood, pregnant women, and pregnant animals.

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11.) The Fordicidia, a festival of fertility, was held every 15th of April annually for Mother Earth or Tellus. Pregnant cows were sacrificed to her.

12.) This festival was managed by the pontifex maximus and the Vestal Virgins. The ashes of the fetal calves are kept by the Virgins to be used for purification at Parilia.

13.) Tellumo, a male deity of Earth, was sometimes invoked together with Terra during the rite in her honor.

14.) Aergia, the goddess of sloth and laziness, is the daughter of Gaia and Aether.

15.) Typhon and Echidna are Gaia’s children by Tartarus –

16.)  Ehidna was half woman half snake and was known as the "Mother of All Monsters"

17.) Typhon was the last son of Gaia by by Tartarus and was known as the most deadly monster of Greek Mythology. He was known as the "Father of all monsters".

18.) Uranus (sky-god), Pontus (sea-god) and Ourea are Gaia’s children by herself.

19.) The Cyclopes, the Titans, the Hecatonchires and others were Gaia’s children by Uranus.

20.) Gaia had 5 children by Pontus, 2 by Poseidon and 2 by Oceanus. She also had one child by Zeus, one child by Hephaestus and several others of unknown father.

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