Discovering the Power of Crystal Meditation
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Discovering the Power of Crystal Meditation

Utilizing crystals during meditational practices can help individuals increase feelings of happiness, vitality, and peace of mind as well as enhance their enlightenment and cosmic consciousness. There are many different kinds of crystals that can be used in accordance with any one of the seven primary chakras to achieve perfect harmony.

As modern day and new age spiritualism becomes more widespread throughout the world meditation has become a much more recognizable practice amongst many individuals.  Meditational practices have the benefit of calming, relaxing, and centering an individual’s energy, chi, and peace of mind.  In accordance with this, various crystals can be used to meditate either with or upon in order to add even greater feelings of relaxation and vitality due to the energy collected within them.  All sorts of crystals have been found to be able to increase and harmonize an individual’s energy regardless of dilemmas or issues they may be experiencing. 

Specific types of crystals can be used in order to balance one or all of the seven chakra centers located within the upper torso of the human body.  However, quartz crystals are commonly used if some specific crystals cannot be obtained.  In order to focus upon the energy centering on the Root Chakra crystals such as hematite, black obsidian, and garnet should be used.  This will help increase feelings of stability and security.  Energies such as creativity, sexuality, and desire centering on the Sacral Chakra should be harmonized with crystals such as orange calcite, carnelian, and blue-green fluorite.  To center feelings of ambition and intellect crystals such as citrine and yellow jasper should be meditated in accordance with the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

The Heart Chakra, which primarily deals with feelings of love and compassion, can be harmonized with jade, malachite, and even green aventurine.  Blue calcite and blue turquoise crystals can be used to meditate upon the Throat Chakra in order to focus on energies dealing with communication and expression.  The Third Eye Chakra, also known as the Brow Chakra, deals with spiritual awareness, intuition, and psychic power and can be increased if azurite and lapis lazuli crystals are used during meditation.  Finally, the Crown Chakra, which represents enlightenment and cosmic consciousness, can be enhanced with amethyst, white calcite, and white topaz crystals.    

Crystals, regardless of their type, can be charged throughout the day if placed under direct sunlight either outside or on a window sill.  Charging the crystals will help increase the energies within them until they are ready to be used for meditation.  Throughout the night crystals can also be charged if placed underneath direct moonlight for an extended amount of time.  Keeping charged crystals stationary around the home can help maintain positive feelings as well as energy and help to deter unwanted negative feelings.

Meditational crystals can be found at local new age shops and online at various new age websites.  Although crystals are relatively cheap the larger they are the pricier they do become.  Fortunately though, many areas throughout the United States allow individuals to go gem mining free of charge under the assumption that they bring their own tools.  This is a great way to obtain all sorts of crystals large and small in order to have a well balanced flow of energy and enhanced enlightenment. 


Chakra Crystal Healing.” By Crystal Values

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