Common Superstitious Beliefs In Nigerian Traditional Society
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Common Superstitious Beliefs In Nigerian Traditional Society

Superstitious beliefs are always a part of the culture of every society. While some superstitious beliefs might be erroneously held, it nevertheless makes the survival of the culture of the said society to thrive from one generation to the other. This article highlights some of the superstitious beliefs held by the traditionalists in the Nigerian society.

Nigeria is a country rich in cultural heritage; and like most other cultures it does harbor its own superstitious belief. The issue of superstitious beliefs is not a trifling matter in the Nigerian traditional society and every Nigerian man holds such beliefs tenacious and looks out with forebodings on some omens; whether bad or good that comes with such superstitious beliefs.

In this article, I will examine some of the more common superstitious beliefs that reside in the heart of the average traditional Nigeria man.

Common Superstitious Beliefs In Nigerian Traditional Society

  • Hitting your left leg on a stone

The hitting of your left leg on a stone or stump in the traditional Nigeria society is seen as an evil omen or warning to turn back from where ever the person might be going. This omen is taken seriously and the journey is usually forfeited for the future. Failure to heed the warning could lead to possibly loss of life.

  • Eating in the dark

Eating in the dark is forbidden in the traditional Nigerian society. It is believed that such act could give room to the dead or ghosts to eat with you and this could lead to your death or grave ailments.

  • Whistling at night

It is not a good idea to whistle at night in the traditional Nigerian society. There is this belief that such whistling attracts snakes to the whistler.

  • Lending morning in the morning

If you expect the traditional Nigerian man to lend you morning in the early hours of the morning or to pay up its debts, then you have got the wrong think coming. There is this strong belief in the traditional Nigerian society that giving morning out in the early hours of the morning could bring a whole lot of bad luck across your way.

  • Eating the food of a woman seeing her messes

Perhaps this belief came from the biblical perspective that women on their monthly periods are unclean. Eating the food of women seeing their periods is generally believed to reduce sexual potency and weaken any talisman used by the male. This belief is strongly held by the traditionalists in the Nigerian society.

  • Owl crying on the roof of your house

Owls hooting on rooftop or on a nearby tree is a bad omen in the traditional Nigeria society as it is believed that someone in that house will soon die. In Nigerian and some other culture, owls are symbolism of witchcraft and its cries are taken with tenacity.

  • Your hands itching you without reason

If your hands are itching without reason, then it is believed that some kind of fortune is about to come your way. Whenever such itching occur, you see the traditional Nigeria man filled with smiles and happiness as he believes that some form of good fortune is about to come his way.

The above superstitious beliefs are just some of the beliefs that you would observe in the traditional Nigerian society.


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Comments (5)

Interesting post Daniel, voted it up

Thanks Braden. Glad you found it interesting.

Interesting. I have owls on my house many times.

Interesting, but I have questions for you. Lending morning in the morning? do you really mean money or sharing a morning? In the itchy hands you mentioned, I have been told that the left hand suggests money coming into your life. If you have an itchy right hand this suggests money going out of your possession. I am sure these sayings are bandied round many cultures.

Thanks Peter for the addition and continual support. I do mean giving out cash in the morning; thats lending out money. In my culture it is believed that it could bring bad luck especially as you might not have brushed your teeth. It is also believed that the person could use it for evil purposes.