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The Statue of Liberty enlightening the world: a gift of friendship from France to the United States of America. It is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy.
Published by lucia anna 95 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +43 votes | 24 comments
India is an agglomeration of more than 1000 different cultures, and a typical day in any part of India can be an interesting read for non Indians.
Published by Dr. Johnson C Philip 104 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +30 votes | 32 comments
What are the etiquette rules for dining in Sweden?
Published by Aunty Ann 89 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +27 votes | 16 comments
Gospel means “Good News”. According to the gospels, Good News was first spread by the shepherds. Luke, who gives more importance to spreading the good news of Jesus, narrates how the poor shepherds could proclaim the message. They were the first evangelists of the Gospel.
Published by +Paulose 82 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +26 votes | 22 comments
Most of us eat to live. But it is sad that some live to eat. Food nourishes our body and mind. It strengthens our soul to be grateful to God. Christian eating has more significance and responsibility.
Published by +Paulose 82 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +26 votes | 16 comments
Deserted and desolate today, the region of the Dead Cities once supported an immense and prosperous population, for it was rich in olive groves and was the hinterland of the great Christian city of Antioch. The towns and villages ("cities" is a misnomer but sounds more dramatic) lack the grid plan of ancient cities; the "Dead Cities" instead seem to be settlements that developed organically in the countryside.
Published by Ron Siojo 97 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +26 votes | 14 comments
St. Patrick was a larger-than-life figure, so it's not surprising that stories and legends have grown up around him. Even his early life was interesting; he was kidnapped and sold into slavery in Ireland. There his lifelong regard for the Irish began, and led him to return to convert them to Christianity. St. Patrick's Well, St. Patrick's hand in a silver reliquary, and the beautiful hymn he is said to have written are all part of his folklore and legacy.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 80 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +25 votes | 12 comments
Canonization is the official announcement of the Catholic Church to recognize that a deceased person has reached heaven. It is a long canonical process of recognizing a deceased person as saint. But have we ever thought that a thief was declared as a saint by Jesus Christ himself? It is a good thought for the Lent.
Published by +Paulose 80 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +25 votes | 6 comments
Happy Halloween! A brief look at the history of Halloween and its popularity today as the second largest commercial holiday in North America.
Published by Natasha Head 98 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +25 votes | 3 comments
Nephilim is the word used to describe the giants spoken of in biblical times by Enoch as well as the giant David fought against (Goliath). It is generally believed that most of these Giants came about when the fallen angels had union with earthly woman.
Published by Ron Siojo 101 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +25 votes | 21 comments
The origins of the first stained glass windows are blot out in history. No one really knows exactly when and where stained glass originated. This art began primarily as a Christian art form. churches,
Published by Ron Siojo 88 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +24 votes | 19 comments
Talking of strange cultural practices, Nigeria does have its fair share. Ranging from the African love charm, magun to witching and inheritance issues are just some of those weird cultural practices.
Published by A. Smith 83 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +23 votes | 21 comments
The Pantheon is a magnificent ancient temple in Rome that was later converted into the church of Santa Maria ad Martyres. Dating from 125 AD, this is the most complete ancient building in Rome and one of the cityÂ’s remarkable sites.
Published by Ron Siojo 88 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +23 votes | 11 comments
The complete guide to business and family etiquette in China. This is a guide which covers greetings, the art of 'keeping face,' the collective workplace, introductions, gift giving, table manners, business etiquette and more.
Published by Aunty Ann 89 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +23 votes | 16 comments
Chartres Cathedral is one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of architecture and it is almost perfectly preserved in its original design and details. Chartres' extensive cycle of portal sculpture remains fully intact and its amazing stained-glass windows are all originals. Chartres is thus the only cathedral that expresses an almost perfect image of how it looked when it was built, a genuine original structure.
Published by Ron Siojo 90 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +23 votes | 15 comments
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