7 Myths and Legends About Leprechauns
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7 Myths and Legends About Leprechauns

Myths about leprechauns.

Most people want to believe in Leprechauns, but are very skeptical that the little people really exist. For many years myth seekers and treasure hunters have been looking for the little people and their pots of gold at the end of bright beautiful rainbows.

Urban legends and Internet half-truths are abundant about the creatures that elude human grasp, but stay embedded in our psyche of hope. Hope that one day we will encounter a leprechaun and claim the treasure of gold they protect at the end of the rainbow.

Here are 10 Myths about Leprechauns:

1. They are wee little people, who are the offspring of fairies and evil sprites and live in the glens, woods and hinterlands of Celtic countries, especially Ireland. Most legends say they are old men that look like well dressed cobblers. Some stories depict them as green elves, which is a western world picture of the legendary creatures. Thet are usually said to be only 2 feet tall.

2. The best way to catch a leprechaun is to sneak up on him when he is mending his shoes.

3. Leprechauns are evil mischief makers who play pranks on humans, such as causing small accidents around the house.

4. One very old Irish legend says - one legend says the “leprechaun is actually the Irish god Lug”. After the Irish people let go of many of the old gods, Lug evolved into a fairy cobbler named ‘Lugh Chromain’, which means "little stooping Lug."

5. In order to protect their famous “leprechaun’s pot of gold” the fairies gave them magical powers to use if they were captured by a human.

6. Irish Leprechauns are excellent musicians who are said to play tin whistles, the Irish Harp and various other Irish traditional instruments, while having wild music parties at night (known as Ceili's) were hundreds of leprechauns gather to dance, sing and drink.

7. When found by humans Leprechauns are often drunk. They are said to love Guinness and Irish whiskey, plus known to out drink a 300 lb man without being worse for wear.

8. If you catch a leprechaun he must either give you his 'pot of gold' or 3 wishes.

9. No one has ever seen a female leprechaun.

10. Leprechauns are reknown for their ability to hypnotize humans and escape from their clutches.

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nice article, interesting myths.

Interesting article.